The Influence of Securus Technologies in the Innovation of Prison Technology

Prison technology and incarceration was an industry that was known for reluctant to grab the technology innovation and highest customer service standards a few decades ago. Today, the industry is one of the most prominent one in tech innovation and cutting-edge solutions that can make every customer smile. I must say that for all these changes, we owe to the efforts of Securus Technologies, the leader in prison technology advancement. It was founded in 1986 and currently based in Dallas. It has regional offices Atlanta, Allen, and Carrollton, and it serves over 2,600 correctional centers in Canada and the United States.


Interestingly, Securus provides its high-value services to 45 states in the United States, including District of Columbia. Including Mexico, the firm has over 1,000,000 inmates across its network. I can say that all its services from friends and family to monitoring and investigation services, Securus provides efficient and comprehensive solutions that can create a long-lasting impression in each of its customer’s mind. In the last three years, it spent over $600 million for acquisition, technology, patent, and more to make revolutionary changes in the industry. Interestingly, the firm is the biggest patent holder in the prison technology industry, and governmental agencies always seek the assistance of Securus considering its superior, world-class delivery of service.


The prison technology firm receives regular appreciation from facility customers as its technology helped them to solve and prevent many crimes. Interestingly, Securus classified some of those mails without disclosing the identity of the jail officials or facility centers. I expected a large vocal support for its call monitoring services, and many facility centers appreciated the way the technology helped them to solve many crimes and unreported incidents. Some of them praised the efforts of Securus in improving the prison security using innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology.