Public Relations in the Age of Internet: One Company’s Approach

The online reputation management firm out of Austin, Texas, Status Labs, uses digital resources to aid their clients in the public relations world. With internet usage skyrocketing, the rules of public relations and image management have changed rapidly. Status Labs aims to provide communications strategies and media relations to help their clients communicate with key stakeholders. Their goal is to help clients engage audiences with fascinating material to create emotional experiences that incite participation and sales.
To get clients started, Status Labs has generously shared their top 5 tips for a successful PR pitch to help readers advance their own business. Status Labs assert that by staying on topic, keeping your pitch concise, and knowing who your audience is, as well as, going above and beyond and being a story teller all create a prosperous public relations pitch. When presenting a public relations pitch the client wants to research and explore the subject matter. Staying on topic is essential to getting all the information out in a timely manner. Status Labs suggests that clients keep email pitches as concise as possible and no more than six sentences. If a press release is a must the company suggests that the client attaches it after the signature; this would allow the receiver to opt into further information. Knowing the clients contact is valuable because the identity of the contact affects the way the client will pitch. It is suggested to establish a relationship outside of emails through social media site; it is encouraged to add them to different social networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn and engage with them on said sites and share their work. At times, it is needed to go above and beyond for the journalist. Status Labs suggest the clients accommodate the journalist’s requests in a timely manner and provide them with accurate information with the best possible photography. This helps increase the chance of working with the journalist again. Be a story teller because Status Labs wants to remind client that they aren’t pitching an advertisement but a story. The company wants clients to consider the five factors that make a story newsworthy: timing, significance, proximity, prominence, and human interest. If clients follow these five factors their pitch will read more like a story than an advertisement. By utilizing these five tips, business owners get a sample of Status Labs’ knowledge and are able to better their own public relation pitches.

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