Pushing Down Negative Search Results Can Help Your Online Reputation

Improving Your Online Reputation By Pushing Down Negative Search Results

How does it work? Will it actually improve your online reputation? I will discuss some of the ins and outs of how pushing negative press at the bottom of search engines can help your reputation.

To start of, why would you want to force negative search results towards the bottom of the search engine results? The answer is because negative press at the first few pages of results will cost you sales. Any business that has negative results pop up when someone searches for them on the web, is bound to suffer a loss in consumers.

Negative press and articles acts as a magnet that repels potential consumers from your business or service. For politicians, a performer or say a celebrity, negative press can damage their reputation. This can impact their career or lead to a public backlash against them. The same is true for large corporations. Lots of negative press can lead to a public backlash. It can even lead to a public boycott of products or goods.

Some people will even say that a company’s online reputation is now worth its weight in actual dollars. What this means is that online reputations now have monetary value in the eyes of investors. You know probable realize that an online reputation is not only important for sales and public opinion, but the actual valuation of a company as well.

So how do you push down search results? There are two main factors that work in tandem to force down negative articles about you. The first is to create plenty of new content that is positive in nature. At the very least, content should be informative and neutral, if it cannot be positive. New content includes social media posts, blogs, press releases, positive press coverage, journals, new websites and new webpages.

The second step is to optimize the content. What optimization means is that the content will be created in a way so that the new positive content is ranked at the top of search engine results. This help the new content drown out the old, negative content lurking on the web.

Optimizing content can take a significant amount of time. It also requires in depth knowledge of search engine optimization and search engine algorithms. The algorithms are the criteria that Google uses to rank pages on its search engine results.

Getting the services of an online reputation management company such as Bury Bad Articles is a smart idea. They will help you create new content and optimize that content to help you bury negative search results. The firm Bury Bad Articles can also help you to bury bad news, by updating your existing content.

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