Information on SEC Whistleblower Attorney

For the last 50 years, people have relied on Labaton Sucharow for security and high-stakes fraud cases. The company has a record of many prominent institutions as well as investors who have turned to them for legal advice and representation on matters concerning securities fraud. The team ensures that the financial marketplace functions with transparency, accountability, and fairness.

Whistleblower program of the SEC

With more than 50 years’ experience in this industry, you are sure to be dealing with credible, experienced and expertise team. The team has securities litigation expertise that will protect and advocate for courageous people who report securities violations. The lawyers have the necessary resources to protect and advocate such courageous individuals. Sometimes the attorneys do that at professional and personal risk. The firm has a long-term commitment to protecting corporate governance. The firm also has a mission of protecting investors against losses that may arise due to securities fraud in the financial market.

Attorneys who work at SEC have extraordinary expertise. Additionally, investigators at SEC have experience in world-class in-house. Forensic accountants and financial analysts at SEC have federal and state law enforcement experience. Therefore, whistleblowers are can successfully submit their complaints and the team of attorneys and other SEC staff will help them protect their investments.

As a whistleblower and clients, you are assured of confidentiality. The lawyers work with ethics so clients need not worry about issues like confidentiality. The whistleblowers program is a project of SEC developed in 2015. The program was developed to encourage people to come forward with information on securities fraud. The program motivates witnesses and protects them.

Jordan A. Thomas leads the practice. He is a former assistant director and chief litigation counsel at the SEC. It is important to note that Thomas played a significant role in reforming SEC during his tenure. He was the man behind the development of SEC Whistleblower program as well as drafting of the planned legislation. He also oversaw the drafting of final implementation rules.

The SEC’s Cooperation Program was an initiative developed to enhance and incentivize individuals and firms to report securities violations on their own. Thomas is a qualified legal advisor to potential Whistleblowers not forgetting people who have civil or criminal liability. While he was at SEC, he investigated, coordinated and prosecuted various high-profile enforcement matters. Some of the issues include UBS, Enron, and Citigroup. All the above matters were successful, and they resulted in monetary relief. Find out more about the SEC Whistleblower Attorneys