Richard Mishaan Design

Richard Mishaan is well-known for his skills and abilities at creating beautiful and unique homes for individuals and families. Richard Mishaan Design is an expert in interior design and architecture and he also uses his artistic expertise to create lavish homes and hotels. Distinctive pieces of art, luxurious furniture, and bold patterns are a few of the necessary elements for Richard Mishaan Design to see his visions brought to life.

Something important to Mishaan is that it’s more about finding something that will last a lifetime than how much money is spent. Both contemporary and vintage pieces are sold at the Richard Mishaan Design furniture store located in Greenwich Village. Four times a year Richard Mishaan Design is known to change up and transform his store with a new look and atmosphere.

Richard Mishaan was born and raised in Columbia with a passion for architecture and design even at a very young age which led him to Columbia University School of Architecture when he was older. Eventually he went to the New York University to pursue his BA and after years of gaining experience that led him to writing books and working on high-end projects, Richard Mishaan has established a brand out of his name.

Richard Mishaan Design is different, unique, and extraordinary. Being surrounded by the masterpieces he has created brings people so much joy and happiness that it has led him to be praised for his work on many occasions. He sees the beauty and potential in many things others don’t and he takes risks which is why he is recognized for his gift and his creations at Richard Mishaan Design.