John Holt Speaks At TBA On Banking As Part Of Strategic Opportunities Conference

John Holt, the current President and CEO of NexBank, appeared at the Texas Bankers Association to talk about the strategic plans that the company plans to implement. The Association holds a Strategic Opportunities Conference every year, bringing together esteemed panelists to speak about the various aspects the financial world. This was the fifth annual conference that the organization has hosted, and dealt with the topic of ‘Reinventing Community Banking.’ The conference again saw some of the most notable members of the financial and banking sector come together to discuss various aspects of his topic. They shared their views and perspectives on innovations that can be made to make banking more accessible to the common users and more in tune with the latest innovations in the sector.

John Holt heads NexBank, which is a company that is dedicated to offering top of the line financial services to its clients. The company operates out of its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company believes in providing some of the best solutions to the customers who come to them in matters dealing with banking, mortgages and also institutional services. The company has offered these services to a wide range of clients. The people coming to the company for help belong to big corporations and industries. The company has a good amount of experience dealing with customers of this kind, which is why the have such a brilliant reputation for the services that they provide.

NexBank can offer solutions to their clients with the help of their experienced and trusted advisors that they have on board. These consultants are well versed in the field of banking and are trained to offer the best services to the clients coming to them. This has helped the company gain an excellent record for the solutions that they provide.

John Holt has proven to be a vital part of the company. Using his experience in the field of finance, he has led the company in a direction that is essential for their growth. He is also considered to be an esteemed member of the banking sector and is a member of the Texas Bankers Association.

The Swiss Startup Factory an Idea Conceived by Mike Baur Changing Lives

The Swiss Startup Factory is an idea introduced by Mike Baur to help young ICT entrepreneurs nurture their ideas into real and competitive businesses. The company provides exciting opportunities from the day one joins to lear and to benefit from the incubation program, which lasts for three months. The acceleration program offers services coaching and mentoring that builds an idea to a thriving business. The Swiss Startup Factory is based in Zurich and was founded by Mike Baur partnering with Mark Berger and Max Meister.

Wenger & Vieli Accelerator (Legal information)
Wenger & Vieli Accelerator, which will begin on 19th October, 2016, will be offering free legal advice to start-ups during an event held every second Monday. Some of the issues that will be addressed in the program include legal items that are necessary when launching a company and how each affects the running of the company. It also addresses things that a business must consider before exiting. There will be several business lawyers from Wenger & Vieli, who will give the advice on pro bono basis. Swiss Startup Factory is implementing this program to help startups gain legal know how that can allow them to network effectively.

Free mentorship
To join the Swiss Startup Factory accelerator program, you need to showcase your idea and your eligibility will be evaluated based on whether it is an actionable idea. The company is looking to support talented startups to get hold of the basics that can help them to evolve into fully grown businesses. The program includes some demo sessions that help to bring reality in the eyes of selected startup entrepreneurs. Once an entrepreneur graduates from the program, the individual will receive post-acceleration support for a period of five months.

Mike Baur and rich ambition
Mike Baur is a Switzerland national, who has excelled in the world of business. He has worked with several banks in the Swiss market for over 20 years and his latest project includes the creation of the Swiss Startup Factory, which is mentoring and nurturing young entrepreneurs into successful investors. Mike Baur developed interest in Banking and Finance while still a teenager and he offered to pursue his dream, thereby deriving passion since he successfully got hold of what he so desired. Mike is an MBA graduate from the Rochester University and he also holds an executive MBA from Bern University. Mike invests most of his time in the Swiss Startup Factory offering support to startups in the ICT industry.

How to Proceed With Investment Banking

Martin Lustgarten is well-known in the investment banking world. He and his associates have helped out hundreds of clients set sail for a brighter financial future. He has done this all by helping them make smarter choices with their money. He can do the same for you.


Martin Lustgarten recently sat down to share a few of his tips with our viewers. Some of Martin’s tips might seem a bit simple. They might even sound like things we have all heard before. Some of these tips do bare repeating though.


So sit back. Grab a cup of hot coffee and get ready to be wowed by Martin Lustgarten.




According to Martin, greed is not necessarily a bad thing. You have to have the hunger to bring money into your life. You have to have the hunger to make sound investments and want more of them. Simply saying, “if it happens, it happens”, is not going to get you anywhere.




This is one tip on which many disagree on. However, Martin is one who believes that money business and personal do not mix. Never invest with a friend, even your best friend. You can never be too sure of what their intentions are. Keep everything having to do with business private.




Most of you are probably familiar with this one. It stands for Keep It Simple Stupid. Please do not try to beat the system. Too many have tried in the past and have failed miserably. Join the market. Become friends with people who can help you out. Keep references where you can find them. The point is, you never want to burn a bridge that could some day help you out.




Many people believe that money is their best friend. This is not true. Actually, information is going to be your best friend. It’s the only way you will know what to do exactly. Without information, you will not have the inside track on which investments are going to be good for you.


For more information on Martin Lustgarten and his strategies please visit his official page. You can also follow him on Twitter and his other social pages. There is also a link to his company page, if you feel so inclined.

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