Eric Lefkofsky’s Effort to Improve Cancer Care and Treatment

Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus has been in the forefront in improving healthcare through technological innovations. Tempus, which focuses on the big data, aspires to be the largest store of cancer care information in the world. In the article published in the Hitechcronicle by James Anderson describes one of Tempus latest initiative. Tempus collaborated with the Precision Health IA that provides Tempus with an access to its CancerLinQ. The CancerLinQ database currently holds medical results from over 600,000 patients. The American Society of Clinical Oncology is the organization that developed the CancerLinQ to help improve the efforts towards Cancer treatment. According to the article, Tempus hopes that by obtaining the access to CnacerLinQ, they would be able to determine patterns that would lead to faster improvements among the cancer patients.

Eric Lefkofsky believes that the partnerships would work and calls for long-term partnerships. Tempus has an experience gained enough experience from its partnership with almost 50 other research hospitals in improving cancer treatment. Their experience helped them bag the coveted partnership with the CancerLinQ. It is understood that many other competitors were after the partnership deal with the CancerLinQ. Tempus would improve its capacity to provide relevant information regarding cancer care and treatment to help families and healthcare providers help their patients. The two organizations are also complementary in nature, which increases their chance to succeed.

About Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur with much interest in improving cancer care through technology. Apart from the cancer care initiatives, Eric Lefkofsky is also the proud owner of the Groupon, Uptake technologies, Media Ocean, Echo Global Logistics, and Inner-Workings. Many people also know Eric Lefkofsky as a philanthropist from his Lefkofsky Family Foundation.

Through the foundation, Eric Lefkofsky and his wife aim to promote high-impact initiatives in the areas of education, medicine, culture and art, and human rights. Together with his wife, Eric is also a member of the giving pledge where members commit half of their riches to philanthropic initiatives. Eric Lefkofsky is also a board member at Lurie’s Hospital of Chicago’s Trustees. He also serves as the chairperson of the Steppenwolf Theatre Company’s Board of Trustees.

Rocketship Education Gvies Hopes to Displaced Disaster Victims

Rocketship Education is an amazing entity as an advocate for low-income and underprivileged individuals. It has shown time and time again that its care for community members goes above and beyond the call of duty. The organization believes that stability is the most important element that students need to survive in class. That’s why it was important for the company to donate funds as well as support to victims of the recent hurricane disasters. Many people lost their homes, belongings and dignity when the storms suddenly hit them. Rocketship Education did its best to get these citizens what they needed so that they could be effective parents and teachers through it all.

The company joined forces with Catholic Charities, which has always been a strong financial entity and overall helpful organization. Together, the two entities contributed more than $62,000 that it used for disaster relief in distressed communities. The funds went toward a variety of helpful products and services. These products and services kept the families healthy. They all had food to eat, clothes to wear and a place to live because the funds paid for their security deposits to purchase new living quarters and pay the rent. A Mexican family was one of the primary families that the organization helped to get back on its feet. The family was very grateful that Rocketship Education chose them as one of the 30 families in the community that they helped to rebuild. The organization continues to assist people who have been displaced or inconvenienced because of recent disasters.

Rocketship Education is an organization that works hard for low-income and underprivileged families. The organization provides a number of benefits to such families. The company first opened its doors in 2006. It currently employs between 500 and 1,000 employees. John Danner and Preston Smith are its founders, and the headquarters is in Redwood City, California. Rocketship Education is a friend of parents who have children that go to public schools, and they are also advocates for homeschooling parents. Their goals is to get each child in the area the very best education possible.

The Influence of Securus Technologies in the Innovation of Prison Technology

Prison technology and incarceration was an industry that was known for reluctant to grab the technology innovation and highest customer service standards a few decades ago. Today, the industry is one of the most prominent one in tech innovation and cutting-edge solutions that can make every customer smile. I must say that for all these changes, we owe to the efforts of Securus Technologies, the leader in prison technology advancement. It was founded in 1986 and currently based in Dallas. It has regional offices Atlanta, Allen, and Carrollton, and it serves over 2,600 correctional centers in Canada and the United States.


Interestingly, Securus provides its high-value services to 45 states in the United States, including District of Columbia. Including Mexico, the firm has over 1,000,000 inmates across its network. I can say that all its services from friends and family to monitoring and investigation services, Securus provides efficient and comprehensive solutions that can create a long-lasting impression in each of its customer’s mind. In the last three years, it spent over $600 million for acquisition, technology, patent, and more to make revolutionary changes in the industry. Interestingly, the firm is the biggest patent holder in the prison technology industry, and governmental agencies always seek the assistance of Securus considering its superior, world-class delivery of service.


The prison technology firm receives regular appreciation from facility customers as its technology helped them to solve and prevent many crimes. Interestingly, Securus classified some of those mails without disclosing the identity of the jail officials or facility centers. I expected a large vocal support for its call monitoring services, and many facility centers appreciated the way the technology helped them to solve many crimes and unreported incidents. Some of them praised the efforts of Securus in improving the prison security using innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology.



Cassio Audi As An Accomplished Metal Music Drummer

A reputed professional in the finance industry of Brazil is Cassio Audi. He is known to be a highly efficient consultant who has served many public as well as private firms, along with multi-billion dollar organizations. Besides he has worked for a number of startups, along with private equity funds.

Hence Cassio Audi is highly proficient in financial management, besides business planning, as well as decision support. He has knowledge of IPOs, as well as resource management, besides investor relations, along with fundraising. It is known that Cassio Audi offers exceptional services to all his clients.

In addition to finance, he is an excellent musician too. His music career started in the mid-1980s. This was by playing drums for a renowned metal band called Viper, in Brazil. He joined this group in 1989. While he was a drummer with Viper, Cassio Audi wrote a song. This was featured on an album called Soldiers of Sunrise.

The excellent skills of Cassio Audi made him a celebrity by heavy metal fans all across the country. Cassio Audi had helped to popularize this genre all across Latin America. He had joined the Viper band when he was just a teenager.

Cassio Audi has played drums for a duration of nine years. His career in finance was highly successful. This was the reason why he was forced to leave this band.

He was always appreciated by the Viper band as he was a major contributor to the growth of this band. He was an active participant in recording the first demo of this band as well as its first two albums. His last contribution was to the Soldiers of Sunrise album. He left the band a year after it launched this album. He was heavily inspired by Iron Maiden, a British band.

Richard Mishaan Design

Richard Mishaan is well-known for his skills and abilities at creating beautiful and unique homes for individuals and families. Richard Mishaan Design is an expert in interior design and architecture and he also uses his artistic expertise to create lavish homes and hotels. Distinctive pieces of art, luxurious furniture, and bold patterns are a few of the necessary elements for Richard Mishaan Design to see his visions brought to life.

Something important to Mishaan is that it’s more about finding something that will last a lifetime than how much money is spent. Both contemporary and vintage pieces are sold at the Richard Mishaan Design furniture store located in Greenwich Village. Four times a year Richard Mishaan Design is known to change up and transform his store with a new look and atmosphere.

Richard Mishaan was born and raised in Columbia with a passion for architecture and design even at a very young age which led him to Columbia University School of Architecture when he was older. Eventually he went to the New York University to pursue his BA and after years of gaining experience that led him to writing books and working on high-end projects, Richard Mishaan has established a brand out of his name.

Richard Mishaan Design is different, unique, and extraordinary. Being surrounded by the masterpieces he has created brings people so much joy and happiness that it has led him to be praised for his work on many occasions. He sees the beauty and potential in many things others don’t and he takes risks which is why he is recognized for his gift and his creations at Richard Mishaan Design.

JHSF and José Auriemo Neto – A Show!

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  2. What is Google Trends?

Public web facility under Google Inc; shows how often a search term’s entered globally and so much more

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John Holt Speaks At TBA On Banking As Part Of Strategic Opportunities Conference

John Holt, the current President and CEO of NexBank, appeared at the Texas Bankers Association to talk about the strategic plans that the company plans to implement. The Association holds a Strategic Opportunities Conference every year, bringing together esteemed panelists to speak about the various aspects the financial world. This was the fifth annual conference that the organization has hosted, and dealt with the topic of ‘Reinventing Community Banking.’ The conference again saw some of the most notable members of the financial and banking sector come together to discuss various aspects of his topic. They shared their views and perspectives on innovations that can be made to make banking more accessible to the common users and more in tune with the latest innovations in the sector.

John Holt heads NexBank, which is a company that is dedicated to offering top of the line financial services to its clients. The company operates out of its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company believes in providing some of the best solutions to the customers who come to them in matters dealing with banking, mortgages and also institutional services. The company has offered these services to a wide range of clients. The people coming to the company for help belong to big corporations and industries. The company has a good amount of experience dealing with customers of this kind, which is why the have such a brilliant reputation for the services that they provide.

NexBank can offer solutions to their clients with the help of their experienced and trusted advisors that they have on board. These consultants are well versed in the field of banking and are trained to offer the best services to the clients coming to them. This has helped the company gain an excellent record for the solutions that they provide.

John Holt has proven to be a vital part of the company. Using his experience in the field of finance, he has led the company in a direction that is essential for their growth. He is also considered to be an esteemed member of the banking sector and is a member of the Texas Bankers Association.

Dick Devos Generous Donations in Support for Education

Dick and Betsy and Betsy DeVos are known for their philanthropic deeds. They have made many donations to political causes, but this is just a tip of the iceberg, compared to the contributions they make to charitable cause. Most of their charitable deeds are directed towards education.


Education Support


In 2015 alone, 26% of the total donations made by the Michigan couple went to education. 3% percent of the same we to foundations supporting education. When commenting on their focus on helping education, Devos said they felt the American dream is not yet realized by all Americans, especially not by those on the lower end of the social classes.


There are still good teachers who are working hard in supporting the kids in public schools. Making such donations keep the teachers motivated as well as help the kids get the kind of education they deserve.


During her vetting on the US Education Secretary position, Betsy Devos revealed that in 2015, they made $11.6 million to charitable organizations. This is more than half of the $5.6 million they had given for campaign purposes for the last five years.


Betsy was also taken under scrutiny about her generous donations to the Republican candidates and classes.


Charitable Family Background


Both Dick and Betsy come from families that are known for their benevolence deeds. Betsy is the daughter of the late Edgar Prince whose family is well known for their political and charitable donations. Dick’s family, on the other hand, is known for its charitable contributions. His father Amway is the co-founder of Rich DeVos. The Devos family has made a total of $1.33 billion to charity over their lifetime.


Support for Art and Culture


Their number two support is the art and culture. In 2015 21 percent of their donations, which amounted to $2.4million, went to this category. To show support for Michael Kaiser’s efforts to strengthen art business, they made a contribution of $22 million. This money was used in founding the DeVos Institute of Art at Maryland University.


Their passion for supporting art is driven by believing that high-quality art management can help in laying the foundation of the country’s diverse art at a global level.


Other donations go to civic and community, Health and Human Services, Public Policy, Leadership and development, and church. The Devoses give their contributions without expecting anything in return. They do not make a follow-up of how the money is used as long as it is for a good cause.


About Dick Devos


Dick started his career at Amway where he held various positions until he was promoted to be the company’s vice president. During his leadership, Amway was able to expand its market to new places. He became part owner of NBA’s Orlando Magic in 2005.


In 2006, he ran for the Michigan’s gubernatorial position whereby he spent $36 million on the campaign. He is currently the President of Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation.


The Many Hats of Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen, Venezuelan born actor, film producer, author, political activist and human rights advocate has been described as a champion of the underdog and powerless. After his mother was shot during a protest during the Venezuelan recall referendum of 2004 by pro Hugo Chavez supporters, he founded the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) based in New York City. He currently is the President and CEO of the HRF.

The HRF unites people worldwide in the common cause of human rights and freedom. They focus on freeing political prisoners in closed societies. Halvorssen began his lifelong venture in human rights in 1989 as a teenager in London, England when he organized a group against South Africa apartheid. His fight for human rights became very personal in 1993 when his father was arrested on charges of terrorism after investigating the Medellin Cartel link to the Venezuelan businessman and government officials. Thor Halvorssen teamed up with Amnesty International to help force the Venezuelan government to free his dad after 74 days of being locked up and tortured.

Halverson’s film production includes many documentaries of the oppressed. The 2006 documentary Freedom’s Fury of the 1956 water polo Olympic match between Russia and Hungary during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. The Singing Revolution, another 2006 documentary, tells the story of how Estonia was able to liberate itself in 1991 after years of being oppressed by the Soviet Union. A 2007 documentary Indoctrinate U looks at the political correctness and censorship in higher education in America.

Halvorssen can be seen and heard on CNN, NBC, Bloomberg, NPR, Time and lecturing at universities across the United States.

More visit:


How one New Jersey dentist transformed the practice of sleep medicine

Avi Weisfogel graduated from the New York School of Dentistry in 1999. Shortly thereafter, he founded his first dental practice, Old Bridge Dental. He began building a reputation as one of Central New Jersey’s go-to dentists, doubling his business in just a few, short years. But even as he enjoyed enormous success with his practice, he was always pushing himself to innovate and bring additional value to his patients.

After a period of intense research, it came to Dr. Weisfogel’s attention that there was a terrible condition ailing the nation. This disease was called sleep apnea. Dr. Weisfogel learned that sleep apnea was an insidious killer, being strongly associated with such deadly conditions and heart attack, stroke, diabetes and even automobile and workplace accidents. Furthermore, he realized that dentists were in a potentially key position for the early recognition, diagnosis and treatment of this terrible killer in its earliest stages, before it has a chance to run its destructive course. Dr. Weisfogel developed a plan.

In 2010, he founded Dental Sleep Masters, a program of seminars and courses designed to inform dentists on the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea in high-risk patient groups. The program teaches dentists the many signs, symptoms and risk factors associated with the disease, many of which occur in the mouth and throat areas. As it turns out, most cases of sleep apnea are of the obstructive variety. This means that those cases all have etiologies in the head, neck and mouth area. Most of these develop from structural abnormalities of the mouth, tonsils and larynx. But some are also due to excess adipose tissues of the neck and even tumor growth.

Dental Sleep Masters has gone on to become the premier authority in current treatment modalities for sleep apnea within the context of dentistry. Many dentists who have undergone the program have become so financially successful with their sleep dentistry practices that they have completely abandoned traditional dentistry altogether. Dr. Weisfogel’s programs have been responsible for tens of millions of dollars in sales of oral appliances that delay or stop the progression of this deadly condition.