How one New Jersey dentist transformed the practice of sleep medicine

Avi Weisfogel graduated from the New York School of Dentistry in 1999. Shortly thereafter, he founded his first dental practice, Old Bridge Dental. He began building a reputation as one of Central New Jersey’s go-to dentists, doubling his business in just a few, short years. But even as he enjoyed enormous success with his practice, he was always pushing himself to innovate and bring additional value to his patients.

After a period of intense research, it came to Dr. Weisfogel’s attention that there was a terrible condition ailing the nation. This disease was called sleep apnea. Dr. Weisfogel learned that sleep apnea was an insidious killer, being strongly associated with such deadly conditions and heart attack, stroke, diabetes and even automobile and workplace accidents. Furthermore, he realized that dentists were in a potentially key position for the early recognition, diagnosis and treatment of this terrible killer in its earliest stages, before it has a chance to run its destructive course. Dr. Weisfogel developed a plan.

In 2010, he founded Dental Sleep Masters, a program of seminars and courses designed to inform dentists on the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea in high-risk patient groups. The program teaches dentists the many signs, symptoms and risk factors associated with the disease, many of which occur in the mouth and throat areas. As it turns out, most cases of sleep apnea are of the obstructive variety. This means that those cases all have etiologies in the head, neck and mouth area. Most of these develop from structural abnormalities of the mouth, tonsils and larynx. But some are also due to excess adipose tissues of the neck and even tumor growth.

Dental Sleep Masters has gone on to become the premier authority in current treatment modalities for sleep apnea within the context of dentistry. Many dentists who have undergone the program have become so financially successful with their sleep dentistry practices that they have completely abandoned traditional dentistry altogether. Dr. Weisfogel’s programs have been responsible for tens of millions of dollars in sales of oral appliances that delay or stop the progression of this deadly condition.