Livio Bisterzo and the Future of Healthy Snacks

Ice Cream, pretzels, potato chips and chickpeas, what do they all have in common? They are all part of your everyday variety snack options to eat and enjoy. What they do not have in common, however, is a healthy choice in mind. With the launch of Hippeas Chickpeas puffs in the United States, the everyday average American consumer now has a very healthy snack option that is high in fiber and protein, organic, and a healthy alternative to ice cream and potato chips.

Started by Livio Bisterzo, an Italian entrepreneur, he started the healthy snack food choice as a way to provide a healthy lifestyle or alternative to salty and fatty foods. Because the Hippeas Chickpeas is a puff snack, it stands out a little more than all the other snacks, as that portion of the market has not been so heavily saturated. Another aspect to the healthy snack is that in the initial launch, Hippeas will be launching it in six different flavors, providing various options to snackers.

The idea in moving the chickpeas product out as a puff follows the ideal of the company to embrace global snack trends, and meet the demands of consumers who are hungry for something new. The Hippeas brand is not just about making a profit, the company plans to give a portion of every chickpea sold back to Eastern African farmers who work the chickpea farms, and help them get out of poverty.

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Livio Bisterzo founded Green Park Holdings which is the company that houses Hippeas Chickpeas. His business acumen is well grounded because of his former education and bachelor’s degree in Business and Management from the University of the Arts London. He has started other ventures previously to Green Park Holdings which helped educate him for the future of what is now a promising new product and business idea. Though Hippeas is the first product launch by Green Park Holdings, the company will probably be looking to expand and launch other great healthy food options for consumers around the world.

Livio Bisterzo (@liviobisterzo) and his company Green Park Holdings not only seek to provide healthy food choices for people to eat, but the company as a whole is trying to make the world around us a better place. As the company seeks to give back, the brand will continue to grow.

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Your Future is Safe with U.S. Money Reserve: 300,000 People Can Prove It

Many people do not know how to secure their financial future in testing times when currencies seem unstable and weak against other currencies. There is an alternative option for those people which is able to help guarantee their prosperity and wellness in future years while also not putting your eggs all in one basket. The U.S. Money Reserve enables consumers to purchase physical precious metals for such reasons.


There are several reasons why it is more profitable to buy precious metals nowadays:


  1. “Last true currencies”. For a long historical period of time, gold, silver and platinum have been recommended as a reliable currency. The economies of different countries have struggled with many issues, however, the status and value of precious metals still are topical.


  1. Paper money might collapse one day. It is your responsibility whether to trust paper money or not, however, the facts claim and prove that often paper money becomes worthless, especially, in times of economic recession. Therefore, it could be a good idea to diversify and to invest in precious metals.


  1. The predicted death of the dollar and inflation. There is plenty of information available on the Internet which anticipates the upcoming vulnerability of dollar. Also, inflation level is expected to increase. Since gold, silver and platinum appears to be a much more steady investment opportunity, those who will own precious metals will always keep their hand on the pulse of money circulation.


  1. Smart world banks tend to keep precious metals. The banks of Russia, Thailand, China, Iraq, India, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and Turkey have decided to put their reserves in precious metals.


The current tendency is that people of all over the world keep buying precious metals. Moreover, there are more than 300,000 satisfied clients of U.S. Money Reserve. This is one of the largest distributors of quality government issued coins, which provides its clients with a high-level service. Since its creation, the company has shipped more than 1 million coins and continues to supply satisfied clients with them. Moreover, this company has a 30-day money-back guarantee to demonstrate its commitment.


As a result, happy clients around the globe have been able to take a step back from the troubles of the world economy as they have a little safety in owning precious metals. They know that precious metals will never lose their full value and will be always be a good trading commodity.

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