Fabletics Has a New Approach to Deciding What To Wear

Imagine this: You are trying to decide on an attractive, fashionable outfit to wear on your next jog or trip to the gym. If you are going to be working up a sweat, might as well look good doing it. However, you are standing in the athletics section of your favorite place to buy new outfits. The options are endless. You think to yourself, how much can I trust my fashion sense? If looking good and being up to date on current fashion trends on Mic is important to you, then this decision will be one of great importance.

Even if you have complete trust in your fashion sense, maybe you would just like to eliminate the time you take out of your busy days fawning over multiple outfits indecisively on adweek.com. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a fashion savvy celebrity like Kate Hudson to pick out your outfits for you? A celebrity as your own personal wardrobe manager! Now that’s a thought! Guess what? It is also a reality now, too.

An online option has proudly announced its name in the last few years. Fabletics operates on a monthly membership basis, and a subscription gives you membership to an exclusive club run by top names in Hollywood.

Founded in 2013, Fabletics is the brainchild of a team of fashion savvy celebrities, including Kate Hudson herself, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. Together they have also expanded to create a version of Fabletics for men, FL2. FL2 is headed by Kate and Oliver Hudson, two celebrity siblings with a knack for fashion and business. Fabletics and FL2 are doing very well, and have even added new products to their already expanding line. Now with both dresses and swimwear, Fabletics has been the center of media attention. Kate Hudson provides much of the footage for their commercials from her own cell phone’s video collection. It is a very grassroots tactic combined with expert marketing and backed by the capital of a company run by fashion savvy Hollywood celebrities.

In the later half of 2015, the company revealed a physical location, and directly following opened more stores in many of Westfield and General Growth Properties Inc.’s malls. Malls in Cincinnati, Ohio as well as in St. Louis, Woodland Hills and even Vegas are now home to Fabletics’ store fronts.

Membership costs $49.95 a month and new members must complete a survey. The purpose of these questions is is to gain an understanding of your personality and the way you maintain your health, and serves to help the company find the right outfits and accessories for you. Each month, Fabletics will send you a new outfit with you in mind personally, based on the information you provide in their new member survey.