Mike Baur & SSUF Worthwhile Goals in Reaching Out

Mike Baur, a founding partner of the Swiss Start Up Factory (SSUF), has a very extensive background, and he is continually achieving some worthwhile accolades. His current and some past accolades are not just for his benefit, but he is also reaching back to others. He has teamed up with other business professionals to assist aspiring entrepreneurs and the youth.


The SSUF has partnered with FINTECH to assist and mentor startups through an accelerator program they initiated this summer. This accelerator program will last for three months in which they have been mentoring, coaching, and providing a plethora of other relative services to these young entrepreneurs. Located in the heart of Zurich, they are using an entrepreneurial network within an office space to achieve ambitious goals.


More About the Swiss Startup Factory


This company started in 2014, and they are located in Zurich. Their objective is to provide great opportunities for promising digital entrepreneurs in Switzerland and worldwide. At SSUF, Mike Baur is responsible for fundraising and finance rounds. And he recently brought in Michael Hartweg, formerly a financial entrepreneur, to be a mentor and investor.


More About Mike Baur


Baur has been with the Swiss banking industry for 20 years. In addition to SSUF, he is currently with CTI Invest, Swiss Startup Association, and Innovation Lab Fribourg (ILF). He is the deputy managing director of CTI Invest, he is the director and co-founder of the Swiss Startup Association, and he is the vice president of Innovation Lab Fribourg (ILF). He graduated from the University of Rochester. And in addition to the accelerator program, he is reaching back by being a member of the advisory board for the Young Entrepreneurs Club of the University of St. Gallen. He has been serving as a member there since October 2014.




Mike Baur and his company have been achieving some worthwhile accolades by reaching back to help others. He and his organization, SSUF, have been initiating a worthwhile accelerator program this summer that will last for three months. They have been mentoring, coaching, and providing a plethora of other relative services to these young entrepreneurs. And they are focusing on continually to help aspiring entrepreneurs and the youth for some time to come in Switzerland and worldwide.

Freedom from Cell Phone Bills with FreedomPop

FreedomPop is a company that a lot of people are interested in. It has become one of the most exciting things for people that are trying to minimize their expenses. Everyone that has a phone is aware that phone bills are getting far more expensive than a phone bill has ever been before. People are streaming more data so they need bigger data plans. The top wireless carriers are taking advantage of this and making people select data plans that are going to cost more.

I have figured out that it is possible to use a company like FreedomPop for phone service because I don’t have a big use for any type of data plan. I don’t stream from the web in my home. I cast to my Google Chromecast locally with movies that are already on my phone. This gives the ability to bypass this streaming. It also helps that I have a wireless router in the home. There were only a few times where I would even need to have wireless outside the home, and that is where I am covered with FreedomPop. This is the company has serves as a convenience wireless bridge for those times when I really want to see something online when I am not at home. More people are discovering this service, and the popularity of the company is now undeniable.

I like the way that FreedomPop has changed the way that people think about phone service. There was a time when no one could have guessed that there could be an option to get free phone service. The cost of phones and the monthly service has risen so much over the years. It seemed unlikely that a Godsend like FreedomPop would appear and take all the monthly cell phone bill worries away. I had my own phone so I didn’t have to buy another one with FreedomPop. That is another great thing about using this company. Lots of other companies will want people to buy a new phone. With this company I was able to bring my own device.

It’s refreshing to find that there was no contract. I didn’t have to worry about one of those phone service monthly bills that was tied to a contract. Phone carriers give you crazy termination fees for cancelling contracts, but I don’t have to worry about that with FreedomPop. Check out this FreedomPop review to learn more.

Pushing Down Negative Search Results Can Help Your Online Reputation

Improving Your Online Reputation By Pushing Down Negative Search Results

How does it work? Will it actually improve your online reputation? I will discuss some of the ins and outs of how pushing negative press at the bottom of search engines can help your reputation.

To start of, why would you want to force negative search results towards the bottom of the search engine results? The answer is because negative press at the first few pages of results will cost you sales. Any business that has negative results pop up when someone searches for them on the web, is bound to suffer a loss in consumers.

Negative press and articles acts as a magnet that repels potential consumers from your business or service. For politicians, a performer or say a celebrity, negative press can damage their reputation. This can impact their career or lead to a public backlash against them. The same is true for large corporations. Lots of negative press can lead to a public backlash. It can even lead to a public boycott of products or goods.

Some people will even say that a company’s online reputation is now worth its weight in actual dollars. What this means is that online reputations now have monetary value in the eyes of investors. You know probable realize that an online reputation is not only important for sales and public opinion, but the actual valuation of a company as well.

So how do you push down search results? There are two main factors that work in tandem to force down negative articles about you. The first is to create plenty of new content that is positive in nature. At the very least, content should be informative and neutral, if it cannot be positive. New content includes social media posts, blogs, press releases, positive press coverage, journals, new websites and new webpages.

The second step is to optimize the content. What optimization means is that the content will be created in a way so that the new positive content is ranked at the top of search engine results. This help the new content drown out the old, negative content lurking on the web.

Optimizing content can take a significant amount of time. It also requires in depth knowledge of search engine optimization and search engine algorithms. The algorithms are the criteria that Google uses to rank pages on its search engine results.

Getting the services of an online reputation management company such as Bury Bad Articles is a smart idea. They will help you create new content and optimize that content to help you bury negative search results. The firm Bury Bad Articles can also help you to bury bad news, by updating your existing content.

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Fabletics Has a New Approach to Deciding What To Wear

Imagine this: You are trying to decide on an attractive, fashionable outfit to wear on your next jog or trip to the gym. If you are going to be working up a sweat, might as well look good doing it. However, you are standing in the athletics section of your favorite place to buy new outfits. The options are endless. You think to yourself, how much can I trust my fashion sense? If looking good and being up to date on current fashion trends on Mic is important to you, then this decision will be one of great importance.

Even if you have complete trust in your fashion sense, maybe you would just like to eliminate the time you take out of your busy days fawning over multiple outfits indecisively on adweek.com. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a fashion savvy celebrity like Kate Hudson to pick out your outfits for you? A celebrity as your own personal wardrobe manager! Now that’s a thought! Guess what? It is also a reality now, too.

An online option has proudly announced its name in the last few years. Fabletics operates on a monthly membership basis, and a subscription gives you membership to an exclusive club run by top names in Hollywood.

Founded in 2013, Fabletics is the brainchild of a team of fashion savvy celebrities, including Kate Hudson herself, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. Together they have also expanded to create a version of Fabletics for men, FL2. FL2 is headed by Kate and Oliver Hudson, two celebrity siblings with a knack for fashion and business. Fabletics and FL2 are doing very well, and have even added new products to their already expanding line. Now with both dresses and swimwear, Fabletics has been the center of media attention. Kate Hudson provides much of the footage for their commercials from her own cell phone’s video collection. It is a very grassroots tactic combined with expert marketing and backed by the capital of a company run by fashion savvy Hollywood celebrities.

In the later half of 2015, the company revealed a physical location, and directly following opened more stores in many of Westfield and General Growth Properties Inc.’s malls. Malls in Cincinnati, Ohio as well as in St. Louis, Woodland Hills and even Vegas are now home to Fabletics’ store fronts.

Membership costs $49.95 a month and new members must complete a survey. The purpose of these questions is is to gain an understanding of your personality and the way you maintain your health, and serves to help the company find the right outfits and accessories for you. Each month, Fabletics will send you a new outfit with you in mind personally, based on the information you provide in their new member survey.

Securus Technologies Launches the ConnectUS the Inmate Forms and Grievance Software for Law Enforcement Facilities.

Securus Technologies is a company that offers communication solutions for correctional facilities that are based in North America. The head office of the firm is in Dallas, Texas and it has been hired by 3450 correctional institutions, which hold a total population of approximately 1.2 million prisoners. The main services that the company offers are communication, inmate self-service, overseeing goods and services, response to emergencies, investigation, information control, biometric analysis, and informing the public. The solutions of the company are provided with a goal of guaranteeing safety and connecting people.

The firm has announced the release of a new application, which is referred to as the Inmate Forms and Grievance software, and it will be launched on ConnectUS. Mr. Russell Roberts, who is the deputy president of marketing and strategy at Securus Technologies, believes that the firm has a target of being a reliable source of the newest technology for all its customers. The latest innovation, which is the Inmate Forms and Grievance software, portrays this mission since it is a top-notch technological tool that makes work easier for the correctional facilities’ staff.

Many prisons in the United States use papers form for making various requests such as medical, signing up, or presenting grievances. The process of distributing the forms to the inmates and collecting information from them is hectic and time-consuming to the officers who work at the correctional facilities. Securus’ program simplifies the job since the officers can make personalized forms for different types of applications that are made by the inmates. Various modifications can also be easily done since the forms do not involve printing. The new digital application also works faster, and it can complete an average of 13.8 requests each month from every prisoner. It also informs the detainees on the status of their applications.