White Shark Gives your AdWords Extra Bite

White Shark has an edge when it comes to AdWords. Thousands of happy customers have increased their clicks and conversions through White Shark.  Read more: White Shark Media Review – How To Get a Free AdWords Evaluation

White Shark is so confident of their ability to help with online marketing that they are offering a free evaluation to anyone who wants to leverage online advertising, whether or not they’re currently using AdWords for web ads.

An AdWords certified specialist from White Shark Media Review will set up a consultation using a shared screen via Join.Me. You’ll be able to see what they see as they analyze your current AdWords placement and text, or suggest new solutions to promote your product or service. You’ll be encouraged to not just take the specialist’s word for it, but to really understand what’s going on behind the scenes.

But White Shark Media is more than just AdWords optimization. They also offer search engine marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). Combine SEO and a provocative campaign with AdWords optimization, and you’re going to see results.

White Shark recently helped one of their customers reach $1.5 million in sales. They get results and have the evidence to back it up. They currently manage over $36 million in advertising spend.

Of course, in a still-evolving field like online advertising, there are bound to be some complaints and misunderstandings. White Shark has optimized the way they handle customer concerns over the years.

Learn more about White Shark Media Review: http://www.whitesharkmedia.com/testimonials/

They’ve forged their hard-won knowledge into an efficient customer experience, even when dealing with complaints. Each customer is given a full overview of the meaning of reports before the campaign goes live.

White Shark schedules monthly status calls through GoToMeeting, where customer concerns can be be brought to light and often handled in real-time. They’ve provided direct extensions for their support contacts, so you won’t be wading through a corporate directory.

White Shark Media has also shown they know the need to prove the value they provide. They stand ready to advise on what parts of any existing campaigns can be used as-is, and which need to be created from scratch. Every SEM strategist at White Shark is part of a small team backed up by a supervisor.

The strategist can call on the help of the supervisor to address any customer concerns with tracking AdWords performance or overall SEM direction.

White Shark has come a long way and just keeps delivering success. They know the treacherous waters of the online marketing world.

Public Relations in the Age of Internet: One Company’s Approach

The online reputation management firm out of Austin, Texas, Status Labs, uses digital resources to aid their clients in the public relations world. With internet usage skyrocketing, the rules of public relations and image management have changed rapidly. Status Labs aims to provide communications strategies and media relations to help their clients communicate with key stakeholders. Their goal is to help clients engage audiences with fascinating material to create emotional experiences that incite participation and sales.
To get clients started, Status Labs has generously shared their top 5 tips for a successful PR pitch to help readers advance their own business. Status Labs assert that by staying on topic, keeping your pitch concise, and knowing who your audience is, as well as, going above and beyond and being a story teller all create a prosperous public relations pitch. When presenting a public relations pitch the client wants to research and explore the subject matter. Staying on topic is essential to getting all the information out in a timely manner. Status Labs suggests that clients keep email pitches as concise as possible and no more than six sentences. If a press release is a must the company suggests that the client attaches it after the signature; this would allow the receiver to opt into further information. Knowing the clients contact is valuable because the identity of the contact affects the way the client will pitch. It is suggested to establish a relationship outside of emails through social media site; it is encouraged to add them to different social networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn and engage with them on said sites and share their work. At times, it is needed to go above and beyond for the journalist. Status Labs suggest the clients accommodate the journalist’s requests in a timely manner and provide them with accurate information with the best possible photography. This helps increase the chance of working with the journalist again. Be a story teller because Status Labs wants to remind client that they aren’t pitching an advertisement but a story. The company wants clients to consider the five factors that make a story newsworthy: timing, significance, proximity, prominence, and human interest. If clients follow these five factors their pitch will read more like a story than an advertisement. By utilizing these five tips, business owners get a sample of Status Labs’ knowledge and are able to better their own public relation pitches.

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Information on SEC Whistleblower Attorney

For the last 50 years, people have relied on Labaton Sucharow for security and high-stakes fraud cases. The company has a record of many prominent institutions as well as investors who have turned to them for legal advice and representation on matters concerning securities fraud. The team ensures that the financial marketplace functions with transparency, accountability, and fairness.

Whistleblower program of the SEC

With more than 50 years’ experience in this industry, you are sure to be dealing with credible, experienced and expertise team. The team has securities litigation expertise that will protect and advocate for courageous people who report securities violations. The lawyers have the necessary resources to protect and advocate such courageous individuals. Sometimes the attorneys do that at professional and personal risk. The firm has a long-term commitment to protecting corporate governance. The firm also has a mission of protecting investors against losses that may arise due to securities fraud in the financial market.

Attorneys who work at SEC have extraordinary expertise. Additionally, investigators at SEC have experience in world-class in-house. Forensic accountants and financial analysts at SEC have federal and state law enforcement experience. Therefore, whistleblowers are can successfully submit their complaints and the team of attorneys and other SEC staff will help them protect their investments.

As a whistleblower and clients, you are assured of confidentiality. The lawyers work with ethics so clients need not worry about issues like confidentiality. The whistleblowers program is a project of SEC developed in 2015. The program was developed to encourage people to come forward with information on securities fraud. The program motivates witnesses and protects them.

Jordan A. Thomas leads the practice. He is a former assistant director and chief litigation counsel at the SEC. It is important to note that Thomas played a significant role in reforming SEC during his tenure. He was the man behind the development of SEC Whistleblower program as well as drafting of the planned legislation. He also oversaw the drafting of final implementation rules.

The SEC’s Cooperation Program was an initiative developed to enhance and incentivize individuals and firms to report securities violations on their own. Thomas is a qualified legal advisor to potential Whistleblowers not forgetting people who have civil or criminal liability. While he was at SEC, he investigated, coordinated and prosecuted various high-profile enforcement matters. Some of the issues include UBS, Enron, and Citigroup. All the above matters were successful, and they resulted in monetary relief. Find out more about the SEC Whistleblower Attorneys

How to Proceed With Investment Banking

Martin Lustgarten is well-known in the investment banking world. He and his associates have helped out hundreds of clients set sail for a brighter financial future. He has done this all by helping them make smarter choices with their money. He can do the same for you.


Martin Lustgarten recently sat down to share a few of his tips with our viewers. Some of Martin’s tips might seem a bit simple. They might even sound like things we have all heard before. Some of these tips do bare repeating though.


So sit back. Grab a cup of hot coffee and get ready to be wowed by Martin Lustgarten.




According to Martin, greed is not necessarily a bad thing. You have to have the hunger to bring money into your life. You have to have the hunger to make sound investments and want more of them. Simply saying, “if it happens, it happens”, is not going to get you anywhere.




This is one tip on which many disagree on. However, Martin is one who believes that money business and personal do not mix. Never invest with a friend, even your best friend. You can never be too sure of what their intentions are. Keep everything having to do with business private.




Most of you are probably familiar with this one. It stands for Keep It Simple Stupid. Please do not try to beat the system. Too many have tried in the past and have failed miserably. Join the market. Become friends with people who can help you out. Keep references where you can find them. The point is, you never want to burn a bridge that could some day help you out.




Many people believe that money is their best friend. This is not true. Actually, information is going to be your best friend. It’s the only way you will know what to do exactly. Without information, you will not have the inside track on which investments are going to be good for you.


For more information on Martin Lustgarten and his strategies please visit his official page. You can also follow him on Twitter and his other social pages. There is also a link to his company page, if you feel so inclined.

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Twitter: @mlustgarten2

Why Businesses Need Online Reputation Management

Are you a business people or professional? Do you want to attain success in your business or profession? If so, you need to know about online reputation management and how to safeguard your company’s good name as well as reinforce your credibility.

Online reputation management is a necessity and any business or professional who is not subscribing to this service is risking a lot. As a business person or someone who wants to project a great image to the world, it is extremely important that you know what customers are saying about you. You need to have a way of finding out what kind of reviews you’re getting online and how to suppress unfavorable reviews. It is important that you choose a reliable best reputation management company that comes highly recommended for businesses and individuals.

Fix Search Results offers online reputation repair services for both individuals and businesses. The company offers a vast range of business services that are impressive. With tailored solutions for a wide variety of industries, along with several different reputation management service packages to choose from, Fix Search Results has an option for every client. The company has a very efficient system, through which their clients are provided details and update on their status.

Fix Search Results has a qualified team of reputation management professionals. These experts have the resources and skills required to deliver effective results to their clients. They actively monitor online conversations, reviews and search engine results pages and use the information collected to maintain a favorable profile for their clients. In addition, clients are always impressed by the company’s excellent customer service. Have a look at their website and then contact them for more information about their top notch services. You will certainly be delighted.