FreedomPop Has Everything For Anyone Who Needs Great Cell Phone Service

FreedomPop has recently raised another $50 million, which will help them to continue rolling out new products, such as a Sim card that can be used internationally as well as a free hotspot. featured an article about FreedomPop, and the article talks about new products they are pushing out, which include a Sim card that allows FreedomPop users international calling all over Europe for a mere $10. Those who want the hotspot will be glad to know that it’s free, although there is a charge of $49.99 for it, but it’s free to use the hotspot, which is covered in over 25 different countries.

Many cell phone companies have made it difficult for those under contract to switch companies, and very few will ever let their customers out of a contract, without a very big charge. Those who leave their contracts can see a fee of several hundred dollars for a single line, even if others stay on the contract with the same company. Many companies are willing to buy potential customers out of a contract, especially if they know the customer is going to switch over to them. The problem with switching contracts is that it’s possible to leave one contract but end up in another contract.

Those who don’t want contracts should go to FreedomPop because it’s a contract-free service that anyone can quit at any time. Instead of being stuck with the service for a year or more, it’s possible to pay month-to-month with FreedomPop, and there is no contract necessary. FreedomPop is a contract-free service, and they have many services besides cell phone service. With Wi-Fi service, Internet service, and cell phone service available, FreedomPop should be the first choice for anyone looking for a full-service phone company. FreedomPop also has the lowest cell phone service prices around.

While others may be paying $50-$100 or more under contract with another company cell phone company, FreedomPop simply charges $20 a month for unlimited phone service, which is an incredibly low price. For less than a week’s worth of coffee at a popular coffee shop, it’s possible to get a whole month of unlimited cell phone service at FreedomPop. It’s also good to know that FreedomPop has smartphones as well as tablets for sale, which can be used on the FreedomPop network, and FreedomPop’s cell phone service can be added to these devices.